The Custom Plum Company seeks to build on a long standing relationship with Zaiger Genetics, currently the largest stone fruit breeding program globally. Based in Modesto, California, The Zaiger Breeding program provides an unparalleled supply of genetic material, consistently pushing the boundaries of flavour, sweetness and appearance to produce truly exceptional new stone fruit varieties.Our exclusive rights to these varieties in South Africa ensures a wholly integrated approach to new varietal development.

Taured 2017

From selecting potential new varieties in California, to evaluating each variety in quarantine, through to planting the very first trial blocks at strategic locations throughout South Africa, our technical team have a wealth of pre and post-harvest expertise. Once the trees are in the ground, our technologists work closely with growers to provide comprehensive technical support. In establishing these close working relationships, we enable our growers to realise the full potential of their investment in CPC varieties; identifying sweet picking spots and ensuring each variety is picked just as it reaches the optimum maturity.

Through leveraging the strengths of our constituent companies, CPC is uniquely positioned to bring commercially exclusive, ‘game changing’ varieties to market. Being involved in both material selection and evaluation, we are able to align our products with consumer trends, all the time striving for consistently higher quality standards upon arrival.





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